Friday, 27 May 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 5 - Alpharius/Omegon v Lorgar

Introducing our week 5 draw tonight in the studio our special guest.......Eldrad Ulthran!

As 'little Yoda' wanders onto the stage tonight it is worth remembering that we have seen pretty much half of the Primarch's now and we should be able to begin to predict just who could emerge in the draw...

Eldrad is now in position, the bowls of drawing balls in front of him and doesn't he look great for someone who is older than life itself. The question is: will this be a random draw or will it be 2 opponents who satisfy the needs of old jawaballs? Is it going to be Armageddon all over again -allegedly of course....(stern looks from lawyers).

And here we go, one of the balls rises mysteriously up from the bowl and glides to a rest on the table in front of Eldrad. A second ball follows further actions......a high pitched voice emits itself from Eldrad's direction: "Alpharius/Omegon versus Lorgar".

A possible tag team on Lorgar from the twins it seems but before we announce the draw proper, in the interest of fairness and to make sure that the old crone's foresight still works we'll just get a servitor to open up those balls.......yes it's confirmed Week 5 is indeed the Ugly Sisters versus J.K Rowling.

Alpharius and Omegon (maybe, who knows who it might be really) v Lorgar master of the word, inventor of swearing. Alpha Legion v Word Bearers.
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