Thursday, 16 June 2016

Conrad Curze - an obituary

Konrad Curze, The Night Haunter, The Last Judge, The King of Terror....

The first is a name he tried to forget, the others are names he used to instil fear. But when you read the fiction, his brother Primarchs only ever called him by his original name, and he despised them for that. This is a being that hated himself for what he had become and was cursed with the power of precognition. He knew what fate had in store for him, or at least one version of it, and became a living self-fulfilling prophecy. He tried to forget his birth name, because that was the last thread of humanity and he wanted to shed it like he shed the skin from his victims. He felt wronged by fate and wanted to inflict the pain of that injury on every living thing in existence.

Curze joined Horus for two reasons: because he could now unleash his wickedness without recompense and because he hated the ideals held by the Imperium. He knew that some of his brother's loathed him, but what he didn't realise was that it wasn't just the regal Dorn, noble Guilliman or honourable Russ. Horus, Mortarian and Perturabo hated him just as much.  Or maybe he just hated himself so much he no longer cared...

The Forge World miniature is exquisite. It's definitely one of my favourites. It really shows off his brooding nature. This is clearly a troubled man. A man who thinks he can't escape his fate so has instead embraced it and then taken it to the next level.

At 435pts he clocks in at a similar points value to his brothers, and his weapons load out looks pretty cool too.

He's classed as Jump Infantry, has a pair of lightening claws and his special rule The King of Terrors causes a -3 leadership modifier, meaning he can swoop in to combat, kill the majority o the squad and cause the rest to flee before performing a sweeping advance and cutting them down behind as they run. Not unlike the Night Lords in the fluff.

All in all, he's an interesting character. I don't think this one was ever 'Loyal', he just 'was'. He realised he was a born killer, engineered for war, and that he was eventually going to die, so he embraced death, intent on taking as many souls with him when he went...

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