Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Sanguinary Guard

Finally, some hobby progress. As a die hard Blood Angel player I bought my sanguinary guard very soon after they came out and had them put together within a day or two. Since then though they have languished unpainted on my shelf. The main reason for this? My lack of a good gold paint and my inability to find one. I have owned a couple over the years but the very first one I owned (I think it was the original shining gold though I could be wrong on that) was amazing. It actually looked like a real gold colour when painted on, when every other I have owned since just didn't have the same look or feel to it. My Dante model was painted in this very gold.

Cue a trip to GW a few weeks ago and a chat with the sales assistant. He very nicely pointed me in the direction of GWs new gold paint - Retributor Armour. Apparently it was brought out to use on the new Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals. Well it worked a treat. Enabling me to finally get on and paint these fantastic models.

And they are fantastic models. The level of detail is stunning and you get such a large amount of extra bits that you can quite happily jazz up a tactical squad or two giving your army a real Blood Angels look. My painting was very simple. Spray black, paint on Retributor Armour,wash with Agrax Earthshade and finish with a dry brush of Iron Breaker. The wings were painted with lots of thin coats of white to hide the black undercoat and then washed with Blue. A drybrush (or 2) with white finished the look. If I was to do these again in the future I would definitely keep the wings separate so they could be sprayed white as this would have saved me lots of time. The bases are only basic at the moment as I plan on getting the new GW Sector Imperialis bases they recently brought out.

Game wise, they can be incredibly good though they can be a bit of a glass cannon. Their 2+ armour save will help keep them alive but their small numbers and lack of an invulnerable save means they can die very quickly if used wrong. If used correctly they can be deadly, cutting through well armoured (but not too well armoured!) opponents like howling Eldar Banshees or Tau Battlesuits. Just keep them away from things like Terminators and Ork Mega Armoured boyz as they lack the AP2 weaponry to deal with them.


  1. These look great and that gold has done them justice.
    As for the white wings, many suggest actually painting white up from grey to a Space Wolves grey then dry-brushing white. Have you tried this? Grey might have covered the black more easily.
    Either way, the blue-shaded white looks great and you've done a fine job.

  2. That looks very nice, bravo. I go agree with Dave G there about going to grey first, but lesson learned eh?