Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fulgrim - An obituary

The story of Fulgrim in the Heresy series has been one of the most interesting for me. Reading about his pride, his fall, being trapped in a picture whilst a Daemon inhabited his body and killed his brother, before wresting control once more and embracing the darkness that the daemon had brought into his soul.

The discussions between Fulgrim and the daemon in Reflection Cracked are a stand out point, and who can forget the moment we look at the picture and realise that the eyes are moving, that it is Fulgrim trapped within its fabric? Creepy.

Then there's the scene where a group of Emperor's Children capture their Primarch, realising there is something wrong after observing him for weeks. Torturing him for days, only to realise that their father had already beaten his inner daemon (so to speak).

The moment the reptilian daemon Primarch throws the polished, fleshless head of one of his dead brothers to another of his brothers as a trophy. On the one hand we could see it as a trophy, a gift of fealty to the Warmaster. But maybe Horus saw it as a warning, even if it was an unintentional one: if one Primarch could die, so could another, so could they all, included one who believed he was first amongst them. We also see in that scene how Horus loathes Fulgrim for what he has become, not seeing the irony in the situation.

All stand out points in the story of a very interesting, narcissistic character. He's been written well.

But now Fulgrim is dead... or at least his mortal shell is. What he has become is something other, something more whilst at the same time something far less than he ever was as a Primarch: A Daemon.

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