Saturday, 18 June 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 8 - Rogal Dorn v Sanguinius

"And so 7 have been downed so far leaving just 6 Primarch's left in the first round. Who will be fighting this week? It's time we found out and drawing the next 2 balls out of the bowl will be Commissar Yarrick!"
"Yes the old fossil has joined us this evening giving up his retirement time so lets see just who is fighting this week."

(Whispers) "Poor old devil, can't see very well now can he? And that claw he barely has the strength to lift it"


"No Sir you need to use you're other hand, that one won't fit into the bowl sir."

(Whispers)"Looks like he's lost his marbles too by the look of things. Careful of his stare though..."

"Anyway, here is the first ball and it is going to be....ROGAL DORN!!"

"The second time he has fought in these matches defeating Perturabo in the qualifying round of course."

"Who is his opponent going to be this time? The withered old hand goes in's going to be....SANGUINIUS!!!"

"So we have the dull, boring defence of Dorn versus the angelic splendour of Sanguinius. This should be an amazing Deathmatch. Who wins? You decide so get voting onTwitter @4dadsapocalpyse now!!

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