Saturday, 18 June 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 7 - Result - Fulgrim v Angron

"...and Fulgrim raises his sword aloft ready to finish the downed Angron. This could be it!.....Wait, he's stopped.....What is he doing?.......He's started crying!.....Where's he looking?.......Is that? It can't be! He's seen his reflection in one of the monitors....He's realised his face has been damaged!!!"

"And that folks is how Angron took that beautiful but messed up head right off its shoulders. The moral of the story is that vanity will get you distracted and therefore your head cut off! And Angron goes through to the Quarter Finals with no such problems!!"
"Stay tuned Deathmatch fans for our next draw coming up soon..."

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