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Primarch Deathmatch - Obituary - Lorgar Aurelian

Well fight fans that was a fairly one-sided match and proof, if it was ever needed, that when two Primarch's team up, they can take down one of their brothers without too much trouble.

Lorgar and the Heresy Era

This Primarch woke up as a babe on Colchis, a planet of fervent religion and this clearly shaped his outlook on life. Interestingly, he is one of the few (only?) Primarch's to retain his childhood-world step-father in the form of Kor Pheron who is partially elevated to the status of Astartes but for whom not all of the physical gains would work. Maybe this was the start of his Daddy issues.

I think one of the reasons this guy didn't get too many votes is because he started the damn heresy (although shouldn't we therefore love him?)! Lorgar was the first of the Primarchs to be swayed by the ruinous powers and he aligned himself and the Word Bearers to chaos undivided. His conversion included a conversation with Fateweaver whose heads, although I am not sure it should be believed, were apparently both speaking the truth when they told him that he could either a) take down Roboute Guilliman or b) make sure the heresy went off according to plan. I am guessing he didn't chose too well there.

Of course his loathing for the boys in blue dated back to Guilliman's sanctioning of the Word Bearers at the word of the Big E. Both of whom turned up and humiliated Lorgar by making his entire Legion bow down before Roboute and the Big E as the Ultramarines destroyed a planet of religion that Lorgar was building. Roboute was apparently against this but the Big E wasn't about to take parenting advice from anyone!

Lorgar planned the beginning of the Heresy and set up all the major events through one other hated heresy character - Erebus. And between the two they all but corrupted Horus themselves.

He is one of those Primarchs that escaped the Heresy intact, fleeing to the Eye Of Terror after the siege of Terra (try saying that 10 times fast!) where he ascended to Daemonhood and apparently left a note out side his door saying he was going to meditate for a while - no one has heard from him since.

There is

just one sweet irony to enjoy in Lorgar - I think he may have written the Lectito Divinatus. Yes, one of the bad guys wrote the book that kinda saved mankind through faith...its a crazy world the Grim Dark future!

Lorgar in the game

Its 375WS BS Ld Sv
Lorgar Aurelian:656410 2+ 

So what is great about this guy is that if you take him in his 'ascendant' form he gains Mastery Level 3 and can of course select the powers he wishes to chose from Divination and Telekenis. There are loads of great combos to play with this.

He gets a S6 AP2 power maul in close combat and once per game can force his opponent to re-roll all 5s and 6s to hit and to wound. Not bad eh? He's got decent armour save at 2+, slight let down by a 4+ invul though.

The verdict:
I expect that he's kinda disliked on account of his sneaky turning of Horus and the fact he is not quite as killy as his brothers although he has plenty to recommend him to traitors and loyalists alike so I am not sure why he has done so badly. I mean this guy invented the Imperial Faith and started the Heresy!

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