Friday, 10 June 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 6 - Result - Lion El'Jonson v Konrad Curze

"It's the oldest trick in the book, Konrad never had a chance! You can hear the boo's on Mars!"

"Well the Lion certainly knows how to win that's for sure."

"Yes but wearing garlic and necklaces with crosses? Fixing the match to start at midday and then making sure that the roof on the Deathmatch arena opened halfway through the fight?"

"You're right, Konrad couldn't cope with the sunlight and it was all over when the stake went in..."

"Either way the Lion makes it 2 from 2 and Curze can go back to his coffin."

"Stay with us though fight fans as we still have the draw for week 7 coming right up..."

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