Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 9 - Horus v Jaghatai Khan

"The excitement in the deathmatch studio is electric this evening as a belated draw takes place for Week 9. We only have 4 Primarch's left to fight in the first round and have we got 4 heavyweights still to go!!!"

"You're absolutely right, left in the draw we have Jaghatai Khan, Leman Russ, Vulkan He'stan & Horus Lupercal."

"And the only person that can possibly make this draw and resist any kind of foul play or temptation is.....GREGOR EISENHORN!!!!"
"Dead right there. If you can imagine an insane, religious zealot crossed with James Bond then you end up with this legend walking into the studio's now...."

"One of the most radical members of the Ordo Xenos - in fact he got booted out for enjoying his job a little too much! - he has turned his back on saving the galaxy for five minutes to bring us a fair draw here in the Primarch Deathmatches...."

"In the pot goes that gauntleted hand..."

"Out comes the first ball....and it is....HORUS LUPERCAL!!!!"
 "So the naughtiest boy of all time is out for blood tonight. Will his toys come out of the pram or will he have his botty spanked? Here goes for the next draw...."

"The ball is gently lifted by Eisenhorn, opened and it's.....the beast from the East - JAGHATAI KHAN!!!!"

"It's a proper Jackie Chan v Dolph Lundgren fight this and it should be amazing!"

"Of course that leaves us with next weeks match up being Vulkan He'stan v Leman Russ but more on them later."

"Back to tonight and entering the arena are Horus and The Khan. Who is going to win? Only you can decide - vote now on Twitter @4dadsapocalypse.

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  1. I dunno, the White Scars nearly turned traitor themselves, I reckon The Khan might throw this match...