Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 9 Result - Horus Lupercal v Jaghatai Khan

"The Khan is dancing around Horus, goading him to make a move. It's a fake here and a sidestep there but Horus just will not be drawn in."

"Yes these thrusts really aren't doing much...."

(4 Days later)

"And Horus still hasn't reacted to Jaghatai's triple twisting back roundhouse. He's just letting his armour take it. Jaghatai really needs some support here."

"Wait, Horus moved I'm sure of it. Horus has reacted at last and caught Jaghatai's foot in his talon. He's dangling him upside down and around comes Worldbreaker.....Ooooh that's not pretty....."
"So Horus wins with only one movement and who would bet against him in this tournament?"

"We've already had the draw for the last match in the first round so lets introduce the contenders...."

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