Monday, 11 July 2016

Hobby Challenge - Will it ever end? Latecomer!

I've got a confession to make, I never completed the last challenge! I got up to the oil wash stage on my Spartan which would have left some chipping and a bit of a dusting with earth weathering powders on the lower chassis. Even though I didn't quite complete, the challenge pushed me on way quicker than doing it on my own, which is the point really and I'll get onto it soon, honest! 

I have to admit to being a bit of a butterfly at times with my projects, I can't remember what derailed the Spartan, most likely is that I went away with work, took a small model and paints and then got obsessed with that. Next came Sigismund and now I am back looking at the unfinished projects I have to work on. There would have been a time that I was pretty annoyed at myself for not being a complete finisher on these but nowadays I get so little time to myself that I am just happy to be painting....anything!

Looking at the workbench I have the following models started:-
- 2 x apothecaries 
- standard bearer
- office with power sword
- 3 x rapier quad mortar
- Spartan
- Sicarian
- Contemptor Mortis w Kheres

Now some of these are near completion than others, for example the Spartan is maybe 80% and the Mortis is 95% done. But I think this challenge needs some models that are in earlier stages, they'd be too easy.

I am going to push myself here and take on 3 new projects to get the creative juices going... 

- The apothecaries because I field them in every army list and have I have committed to myself to never fielding anything that isn't at least 80% complete on the tabletop. 
- The standard bearer, because I was crazy inspired by Dave's work on his recently and last of all 
- the three quad mortars because I need them in the game! 

That's a lot to get through although at least the medics and standard bearer are already assembled and base coated so I have a head start there. The quad mortars will be starting from scratch...I will keep you posted along the way....

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  1. Talk about taking 'challenge' to the extreme! That's more than the rest of us put together!