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Primarch Deathmatch - Obituary - Rogal Dorn

A brief history of Dorn…
The father of the Imperial Fists, also known as Regal Adorn in the auto-correct-text system, has bowed out of the contest thanks to the prettiest of Primarchs, the only man sporting a hairbrush with a power-field on his belt, the handsome Sanguinius.....

So what do we know about Dorn then? He was discovered 7th out of the Primarchs and is generally described as being one of the greatest military minds out of his brothers. He is most akin to Perturabo but his statement that he could beat them at their own game left a permanent hatred between the two brothers.

Rogal was BFF with some of his brothers though, his kinship with Roboute Guilliman and the Warmaster were well documented . Indeed, Horus even remarked that a conflict between an entrenched IF and the Luna Wolves would result in a neverending stalemate. Interesting as they do get to test this out in the end and its certainly not a stalemate!

He isn’t that well liked as a Primarch – I’d say middle tier looking at the Deathmatch results. Unlike the flattering Horus, or the laddishness of the Great Wolf, Dorn comes across as dour and lacking any humour. Worse than this, he seems to treat his sons so badly – casting out poor old Sigismund for his perceived weakness. He also commits the great crime of stiking down one of our HH heroes – the ever-loyal Garro who comes to warn him of his brothers treachery. I think these kind of acts, plus his perpetual sour outlook, makes him one of the hardest ‘dads’ to love.

The Lord of the Imperial Fists is recognised by the Big E as being the king of defensive warfare (there are also many references to him being a great all-rounder but his defence of Terra pigeon-holes him and the Fists as being defensive masters).

He is always dressed in gold armour and we will see his character model wielding a huge chainsword. Its gonna be great fun to paint the model, I am hoping he will be in a dynamic pose, maybe swinging with huge momentum like Ferrus with his hammer, but I am actually expecting him to be more akin to the Lord of the Ultramarines. If you are an Imperial Fist player, or just want to paint him, I suggest you start getting good at painting gold and figure out your colour sequence and technique now – he definitely wont be one to practice on!

Dorn’s Heresy era is one of being embattled, from the outset he loses much of the retribution fleet, is at war in the Sol system with Mars, and ultimately sees he once BFF charging down at him at the head of a huge force of daemons and traitor marines; Dorn never really gets a let-up!

The heresy story for him carries on beyond Terra, the lore we have available tells us of  Primarch who never recovers from the shame of teleporting to the wrong spot and missing the chance to save Dad from Horus.

What is he like on the battlefield?
Well we don’t have a model yet so we are not seeing him much on the table top. However, I suspect that’s only part of the reason. He’s not as good as some of his brothers, but not totally useless either. There are other Primarchs with better force multipliers, but Dorn brings the ability to give his leadership to all units in his force, and he also give +d3 to any combat resolutions your force faces, not bad eh?

Phalanx and Terminator Squads count as troops and he gives any squad he joins Crusader and Furious Charge. At the start of the game he can also enhance three fortifications that allows units in them to re-roll pinning and cover saves of 1.

Those are the benefits he confers, not bad. He also packs a hell of a punch in combat …Sundering blow allows attacks to be halved in return for a +2 strength and instant death. Hi has 2+/4++ saves and no attack that rolls better than a 3+ can wound him, end of story! Storms Teeth is AP2, Shred and Rampage.

Lastly, he gets to ride to war in his own Thunderhawk on steroids – cant see myself ever making use of that but its kinda cool.

That’s all folks – he did his best to dazzle Sanguinious with his goldy-looking-armour, but sadly the man in red was ready for that, not to mention well used to coping with the glare from his own Sanguinary Guard!

Bye bye Yellow Man!

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