Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hobby Challenge: Will it Never End? - Part 1

After the general success of our last hobby challenge, the Spartan Challenge, I managed to finish my Spartan (funny that...). And although not all of us quite finished our challenge project, we did all make some good progress, so we thought it was time set ourselves another challenge.

It is always good to get something finished, and I bet us Dads aren't the only ones that have half-finished projects sitting in lonely corners waiting to be completed, so this time round we're starting the "Will it Never End?" challenge. The plan is to each pick something that has been half-finished then passed over for something new and exciting.

I think the deadline for this challenge is September 1st 2016. That gives us the best part of the summer holidays to get our respective units completed.

Here we'll each introduce our chosen subject:


I'm going for a couple of things whilst still awaiting the FW Space Wolves transfer sheet to start pushing things off the other side of my painting table :
Heavy weapons squad: new bases, 2 new guys to complete the ten man squad and a couple of new shoulder pads. Not much and a squad I select pretty much every time I play, so it'll be good to get these guys completed.
Rhino: I've got six of these unpainted, so it'll be great to get one finished and provide a ride for my heavy weapons squad
Banner Bearer: He's half done and just needs the details. It'll be good to get the banner bearer for my company completed
Eldar Harlequin: My wife brought me this two years ago as something different to paint... I just wanna get him finished

Problem is, my painting tray is looking pretty cramped now as I wait for those transfer sheets to be released...

Wish me luck...


I am going for a difficult task this time around and trying to redeem myself after being the only dad not to complete the Spartan Challenge. Unfortunately dad life interrupted the good progress I was making on my Storm Raven as part of that challenge leaving it 75% done and worthy of a proper post at some point in the future.

To make up for this failure I am going for a finish to a project that has taken 18 months so far!! Yes I am going to try to finish my Flesh Tearers Death Company (Gulp).

I finished 5 of the 10 man squad recently...

I love the Death Company but I see them as seeking ascension through their actions rather than death - Seeking eternal life with their Primarch rather than despair through death so I decided to paint them white rather than black.

This was perhaps the best and worst idea I have had as the results are awesome - they really stand out on the tabletop and the details really show when you see them in real life. However, white is a true bastard to paint!!! So they take ages. Hence the 18 months so far.

So these are the other 5 to complete for the challenge...
Lots to do including finding arms for one!!! Best get cracking...


Rich is away for work so will have to post something when he gets back!


I currently have a few units half finished already that I will aim to complete for this challenge. They are:

   Tactical Squad

Terminator squad

I am also in the process of starting a Skitarii army so I think I will also aim to complete my single squad of Skitarii Rangers who, so far, haven't even been base coated...
Plenty to do.

Why not join in and share your unfinished projects?

The Four Dads

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