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Primarch Deathmatch Obituary - Vulkan

There we go folks, another fan favourite eats dirt. And let's not forget the undignified way the fight finished thanks to Russ' animalistic instincts.

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Vulkan and his kin are known for their humanity and pursuance of war under a code of conduct not seen amongst the other legions to the same degree. Indeed, the Salamanders are differentiated by this by the time we reach the 40k era. In the 30k era he banned destroyers and the use of rad weapons cos he was such a nice guy, of course melting face with flames and plasma are totally reasonable so we can all like him for ditching the 'dirty' weapons!

Vulkan is also known as a master weapons smith and his early life on Nocturne sees him living as a blacksmith. Of course he isn't any old blacksmith and he shows this by swiping out a band of raiding Dark Eldar with nothing more than a couple of blacksmiths hammers-boom!

There is one really important thing about him though, he is a perpetual...can't be killed which is damn handy in a scrap! I won't spoil any of the interesting things that happen to him in the HH books, but suffice to say by the time he gets home he may have wished he could die!

The Salamanders are one of the loyalist dropssite massacre legions and don't make it off of Istvaan in great numbers. They can't be far off chapter size by the end of it and much of the Legion is cast off in disarray to begin its shadow war fight.

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Vulcan in the a beast
The army with him gets +1 leadership and adamantium will when he is present. He gets to re-roll It Will Not Die and failed Deny the Witch rolls. Armour is 2+|3++ and any flamer, melts or plasma is reduced to half strength when shooting him! His hammer is S10 AP1, concussive and armourbane and instant death but is NOT unwieldy - wow! He can sacrifice his attacks to place small blast S8 AP3 instead without scatter - ouch! His side arms are marine and terminator killers too and auto hit!!!

He has solid stat line to boot which must make him one of the best Primarchs in the game. In fact I need to go now and get my order in for Vulkan!

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