Sunday, 24 July 2016

Will it Never End?! - Hobby Challenge Update

So we started our latest hobby challenge this month and with the Forge World Open Day painting comp approaching I was spurred on to complete some of it in mega quick time! I took some photos of my entries, the banner bearer and rhino were two of my hobby challenge items (although I didn't enter the tank in the end as I didn't think it was good enough).

I'm really pleased with how these have turned out, some of my best work to date. Having a challenge with some friends and a painting competition on the horizon really push you to develop your skills.

With the rhino I wanted to try my hand at stencilling again, and having large flat areas on a tank really allow you to give this a shot. I printed out a Grey Hunter icon from the internet an cut it out with a scalpel. I then stuck it to the tank with masking tape and used a sponge to dap thinned red paint over the area.

vlka fenryka

vlka fenryka
There were a few issues with the stencil but some battle damage soon hid these :-)

This is Hvarl Red-Blade, my wolf lord. I took his name from the Wolf King novella (he doesn't actually seem to appear in the novel, despite being named). I figured they are unlikely to release a miniature for him so I had a named character, yet had free reign to depict him as I wished.

You may notice that despite being named 'Red-Blade' he has a hammer. I liked that hammer (A mash up of the limited edition boarding marine head and the shaft from a thunderwolf cavalry hammer/axe), so strapped a sword to his back. This is a Wolf Lord that picks the best weapon for the task at hand (smashing Thousand Sons witches in this instance).

I really pushed a lot of boundaries and tried a few new things out with this guy. The weathering powder, transfers, gem paints, open source lighting, blood... the only thing I still can't do is eyes.

Here's one of my dreadnoughts. He was the first 30k miniature I painted, based on an image from Collected Visions. Buy he needed an update, so I have swapped his base, added some more decals, weathering powder and highlights. I still love him. That image from Collected Visions is one of my favourites.

Lastly is my banner bearer. This is the first time I have ever applied a banner-specific transfer to a banner (from the new Space Wolves transfer sheet), and man I think it went pretty well.

I like having dead XVth legion marines at the feet of my  Space Wolves as red is my spot colour, so it ties in well.

Let me know what you think


  1. Liking all of that. In particular the banner bearer, looks ready to stride straight from one battle to another.

    While I don't like the idea of twin linked heavy bolters on a dread you made it look very cool.

    1. Thanks.
      Yeah the heavy bolters aren't great on the table but I was copying the artwork in Collected Visions and that dread has a bolter :-)

  2. Lovely scheme, the Heresy era SW scheme is so much better than the bright blue 40K one. Brilliantly done stuff Dave.