Sunday, 24 July 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Quarter Final 1 - Magnus v Lion El'Jonson

"Following a short break so that the victorious Primarch's could heal their wounds and the arena could be cleaned of limbs the Deathmatch studio is geared up for the quarter finals."

"Just eight (nine) Primarch's still stand in the competition - Sanguinius, Horus, Leman Russ, Lion El'Jonson, Magnus, Alpharius/Omegon, Angron and Mortarion. These Primarch's now have nothing to prove having already beaten 10 of their brothers to a bloody pulp."

"That's true but means absolutely nothing if they go out at this stage and the tension has ramped up this week. The training dummies and apothecaries have never been busier as have Angron's legion undertakers!"

"And so this is it, the draw for the first match of the quarter finals. To pick the contestants our special guest is..... Fabius Bile!!"
Fabius Bile

"Yes the famed monstrosity from the Emperors Children clicks his way in looking very young for his age."

"Obviously had a few skin grafts in his time but I have to say this one's a real beauty. I may have to have a chat about that off air..."

"Anyway back to the draw and one of the spidery mechadendrites clicks its way into the bowl and out comes one of the famous Deathmatch's Magnus the Red!!!" 
Magnus The Red

"The Maroon wizard is out again after his demolishing of Ferrus Manus in the first round. Now who will he draw? In goes another metal tentacle...."

"The second ball comes out and it's....Lion El'Jonson!!"
Lion El'Jonson

"The third appearance for the big liar - sorry Lion - He defeated Corvus Corax and Konrad Curze in the first 2 rounds and without a 'C' in his name will he be able to defeat Magnus?"

"Well Deathmatch fans, the first 2 quarter finalists are on their way to the arena so it's time to get voting for your favourite. Get yourselves on Twitter @4dadsapocalypse and post your vote. See you soon"

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