Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Will It Never End - Hobby Challenge Update - Rich update 2

 This guy has been sat on my to-do list for the best part of a year. Pretty early on in the build of my legion I decided he was more of an adornment than a critical model and as such I dint have time for him.

One look at Dave's standard bearer and I was digging him out of my figure case and sizing the banner up against my Forgeworld decals. I reckon that walking around in yellow power armour isn't enough, my foe need to know exactly who's coming to put a hurt on them!

By now I can definitely see some value in adding in some 'finery' to my force and have been working on my character models with a limited edition Sgt earlier in the year and Sigismund more recently. I have another standard bearer in mind too.

I may use this guy as a 'counts as' model for the Legion Vexilla rule. Or I may just add him into squads as a model that has no effect on play and is just there for good looks. However, I gave this guy the look of a Sgt and a power fist knowing that I may very well want him leading a squad into the jaws of battle too!!

I did a bit of a conversion with this chap using a power fist from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set. He was sporting a bolt pistol which would definitely rule him out of most of my army lists so to ensure he could game a few combat hours in as well as letting the enemy know who was coming I gave him a power fist!

I pretty much butchered the existing bolt pistol with a set of cutters (GWs finest) and set about smoothing the cloak down where I had dug into it with the blunt edge of my modelling knife. This done I decided to pin the power fist into the arm 'stump' as this would hold it rock solid. Once this had been glued into place is used some of GW's liquid green stuff which I applied to the join with a sculpting tool. The gap was a little larger than i'd really recommend for this stuff but it worked ok (thanks to the pinning I think).

I bought Mephiston Red to use on the cloak as I was sick of bringing my old dried up GW paints back to life and was really glad I did so. Can put my finger on it but that is a really nice colour and consistency, top marks GW. Looks great on a cloak.

The GW decal went on a dream, as usual I used Micro Set and Micro Sol to apply it and it worked out superbly. The whole model got a spray of Vallejo satin varnish to seal and there it is!

I'd love to hear from anyone else using these decals on banners - I think they look fantastic and I hope to see some more designs in the future.

Happy hobbying!


  1. Looking really well there. The whole model let alone the banner works well.

  2. Glad I helped get you motivated to paint this guy up, he looks fantastic!
    Is that a power fist, or an Imperial fist? :-)

  3. Cheers Rory and Dave, the powerfist has the unification war icon on it (not so easy to see) but I think it's safe to define as a very Imperial Power Fist!

  4. Lovely model. Here's my banner bearer for the Carcharodons-