Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Will it Never End!? - Hobby Challenge Update

Dad Dave here with a bit of an update on my hobby challenge.

My original goals included completing one of my heavy weapons squads. After my initial fury of completing several of my challenge goals for the Forge World open day painting comp, I must admit that it's been slow going with these guys. A combination of a busy period at work, much summer time DIY doings and Logan's 'Terrible Twos' well and truly kicking have left me little hobby time the last couple of weeks.

But it's getting there so I thought I'd share some pictures with you guys, more to motivate me than anything else!
I much prefer the 'new' missile launchers to the 30k ones, so have I have 5 of each in my squad.

You'll notice that I've taken the opportunity to re-base some of my HQ minis too. This is my sole surviving Rune Priest, Henry.

My 30k Space Wolves heavy weapons dudes are the equivalent of 40k Long Fangs, so I have been sure to make sure they have some white on some part of their armour. White helmets always look good.

And the 'Bearer of the Torch', an alternative standard bearer. I had this idea for a while before I found the pieces to do it. The torch is from the GW scary tree scenery set (that's not it's real name I know, but I'm sure you can find it)

Comments welcome!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers... my problem is always that I want everything painted now! haha

    2. Everything should be painted.

  2. Nice work Dave, unlike you I am a fan of the 30k missle launchers, my favourite is the one you have done with the white front bit, nicely grimy too! The standard bearer looks cool too, nice job on the flame effect.

    1. Have you painted your missile launchers yet Rich? Maybe you too can have white missile launchers!

  3. No missles here, just Lascannons! I'll save the white for helmets and medics😉