Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Forge World Bulletin - 03/08/2016

Today's FW bulletin is close to my heart, featuring Andy Hoare's White Scars army. Not only do I love what Andy has done, but it is also part of the FW Specialist Team's hobby challenge (motivating us Dads for our own hobby challenge...).

I saw Andy's army at the FW open day the other week and was immediately drawn to it. It's a proper throw back to the days of Rogue Trader (I can just about remember 1991...), with a camo-paint rhino!

Painting white is hard, so much respect, but all my attention is drawn to that rhino. Maybe I'll paint one of my own in a similar fashion *scuttles off to dig out Rogue Trader rule book for inspiration*

Well done Andy, this is a lovely force and I look forward to seeing it grow in the future.

 Andy's first White Scars Legion Tactical Squad.

Speaking of the future, is there a hint at something new coming our way? "I decided to shelve that idea until there are more Space Marines in Mark 6 armour available so I can really go to town on it", or am I reading too much in to that?...

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