Thursday, 4 August 2016

Will It Never End!? Hobby Challenge - Rich Update 3

That list of items I made in my original challenge post is starting to look like a moment of madness, even with two of the items done (medics and standard bearer), the prospect of getting three quad mortar rapiers done in time is daunting.

Not only that but I have become diverted and taken on a new model too. The excitement of completing a Standard Bearer has kindled an interest in me and when I recently bought the Forgeworld Limited edition Praetor Tribune model an idea formed. Looking at a few painted versions of the model I was struck by how awesome he looked, but one thing bugged me...the weapon. It didn't quite sit right with my army and I wanted to do a conversion. What I like about this dude is the motion and energy within the pose, I think I can put that into a conversion to have the Praetor Tribune model waving a standard atop some battlefield structure. 

By cutting off the blade and adding some copper pinning rod (to make the shaft into a banner pole) and a flag I would be able to produce a characterful Praetor rallying forces to his banner. I had an old Renegade Militia Banner Bearer in my bits box, see left that would give me a largish, tattered flag for him to be brandishing, it would look suitably battle worn, as befitting his pose atop the ruins of some strategic objective. All I needed to do was clean off the filthy chaos symbols and we are good to go!

Below is a shot of all the parts (excluding the copper pinning rod as am still searching for appropriate diameter) post cleaning. I just need the pinning rod and I will be ready for base coating. 

The only thing for me to decide is whether I will give him a form of weapon, I am thinking of attaching a Thunderhammer to his belt or leaving it embedded in a dead foe at his feet so that I can still play him in game with a decent weapon - what do you think?
Cleaning up Forgeworld's Resin
I do this religiously every time I get a new model. Once I have cut the pieces off of the sprue and scraped any edges away with the back of my hobby Knife, the parts get an overnight soak in warm water and washing up liquid. In the morning I then scrub each piece with a toothbrush and leave them to dry on some paper towel. I have always found this to remove all the mould release, on the odd occasion when I have forgotten to do this I can tell you its a nightmare to paint on top of that stuff.

Next steps
I have now cleaned up two of the three quad mortars. I am hoping to get into my local hobby shop tomorrow to pick up the brass rod. Once I have this and have cleaned up the last remaining quad mortar I will move onto the glueing and priming stage. I think I will sue together most of these models as there is little benefit in keeping the parts separate given the colour schemes. 

Taking on another model in the midst of all this is clearly not a great idea, but the fun of doing this conversion is too much to put down and is helming motivate me, so screw it, the Praetor is on the workbench!

Happy hobbying...

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