Friday, 22 July 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch End of the first round recap

It started with 18 and now 10 Primarch's have been defeated. We are down to the last 8 and here are the results so far:

Qualifying Round 1 : Rogal Dorn vs Perturabo
Qualifying Round 2 : Lion El'Jonson vs Corvus Corax
Match 1 : Mortarion vs Roboute Guilliman
Match 2 : Magnus vs Ferrus Manus
Match 3 : Alpharius/Omegon vs Lorgar
Match 4 : Lion El'Jonson vs Konrad Curze
Match 5 : Fulgrim vs Angron
Match 6 : Rogal Dorn vs Sanguinius
Match 7 : Horus vs Jaghatai Khan

Match 8 : Vulkan vs Leman Russ

By far the closest match was Mortarion v Guilliman which went to an amazing extra time and the easiest match was Magnus causing Ferrus Manus to fall over by simply looking at him!

Looking at the stats it would seem that there are definitely some favourite Primarch's out there - Horus, Leman Russ, Lion El'Johnson and Sanguinius are looking most likely to go all the way. However it completely depends on the random draw.

For me the biggest surprise was how popular the Lion is and that he managed to knock out both Curze and Corax who I thought would get lots of votes. I was also surprised at the lack of love for both Perturabo and Rogal Dorn who not only didn't do well but didn't recieve any love on Twitter!

These Quarter finals look very promising though with some tough primarch's in there so I guess we'd better get on with the draw....

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