Friday, 22 July 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 10 Result - Vulkan v Leman Russ

"Really Leman?! Will someone please get him off Vulkan's leg? That's disgusting!!! These Deathmatches are really going to the digs!!"

"I agree. Vulkan's leg is still twitching he really should be ashamed of himself."

"Oh well. That disgusting act of desecration wraps up this Primarch Deathmatch with a comprehensive victory for Leman Russ."

"Yes even as Vulkan resurrects himself and wipes his trouser leg (urghh) the rules state that for any perpetuals an incapacitation will count as a death."

"So as the great wolf strides into the quarter finals looking very confident we are going to have a break before we come back with a recap on what has happened so far. See you soon."

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