Thursday, 21 July 2016

Praetorian of Dorn - Horus Heresy Preview (revisited)

Hi folks, I am just re-visiting this preview after listening to the awesome Gav Thorpe talking on the very excellent Eye of Horus podcast (well worth a listen). Gav got to talking about Praetorian of Dorn which he describes as Alpharius versus Dorn and the book sees the Alpha Legion testing Dorn's defences ahead of Horus' advance. So cool!

I think this is really exciting so thought I'd share it with any other Heresy addicts out there.
Although we've seen the Heresy brought to Sol through the civil war on Mars, this is the first incursion against the system in earnest.

Gav also reminded me that whilst Horus has been working on Heresy for around seven years before reaching Terra, the Alpha Legion have known this was the end game for at least a decade before Horus was turned so this is all part of their grand scheme - sneaky fellows! The interview doesn't really give much away, but kind of confirms what we have guessed from the book art, namely Alpharius and Dorn trying to kill each other up close!

Anyway, thats it folks, just getting excited again for this next step in the Heresy, book due out next month apparently...



  2. Glad to see someone else still cusses in feth-words! And yes about time Alpharius and Dorn get some attention I hope...