Thursday, 21 July 2016

Will It Never End? Hobby Challenge Update - Rich update 1

The idea for this challenge was conceived around a month ago and it served as serious inspiration for me from the get -go. So my collection of models had a head start on the challenge itself. Both my medics have been screaming at me to paint them for so long and now was the time, so I have finished them off this week!

Why I needed these models
I needed these models in my force as I combine them in an Imperial Fist Stone Gauntlet list. The apothecary joins a squad of breachers which gives Feel No Pain to a T5, 3+5++(6++) set of models. They are hard to kill and can hold their own, or kick some ass as the need arises, and for some time now I've been fielding them unpainted which is really bugging me. In fact recently, Jame declared that he would no longer field incomplete models and now that my painted 30k force has got up to a decent size I will be adopting the same approach.  I also combine them with my ThunderHammer StormShield Terminators for a set of 2+3++ unit with FNP - they are rally hard to shift for an opponent!

Painting white
I've been a fan of painting white for many years now, ever since I bought an airbrush (or used a spray
can of Corax White which is excellent), because you can show off so much in the way of weathering, chipping and varying colours - even on a model as small as an Astartes. The better power armours for this are typically Mk IV upwards as they have some larger flatter surface areas which provide the perfect 'canvas' but the earlier Mks are great for the jointing in the armour which takes washes and chipping well too.

I sprayed them white, sealed them with gloss varnish and then used a black/burnt amber oil wash mixed with odourless spirits. I then added the decals, gel paints, details, weathering etc before sealing them with satin varnish to give them a very satisfying matt look.

For weathering I used Forgeworld weathering powders dry mud and fresh mud. I also used a little black pain on the end of a fine brush to add in the chips and scratches.

Trying out the new gel paints
I used new GW gel paints on these guys and am fairly pleased. Its hard to describe what kind of paint this is, sort of a gross between a clear paint and a coloured varnish which is extra gloopy! I used them on the cabling to try and get a sense that the cables/vials were clear glass with a coloured liquid inside. I think they did ok. I also tried mixing them and got a nice purple colour to put on a couple of vials (see photo). Dave, has also heard that people are diluting them (with Lahriman medium?) and painting them on power swords to get a cool effect, I will be looking into that.

Modelling the bases
I tried out something new here with the base. I got some plasticard and used a ruler and blade to score a tiled floor into it, then cut out the shape of the base and stuck it on. I painted it light grey and washed it with nuln oil. I then added a few dry brush highlights to draw attention to
it. Not a bad first attempt, I think I need to go back and wash in some back to make the gaps between tiles stand out more but am pretty happy with it.

I researched for a while and could see that there were cases of apothecary being garbed in all white, pure legion colours and a mix of the two, as i said above, Ive always loved painting white so that was
a no-brainer for me.

Anyways, let me know what you think, and let me know how love painted your apothecary... from one medic to another!


  1. Great work Rich. I am almost tempted to go buy these guys, especially by your great paint job.

  2. Thanks Dave, they are a worthy addition to any army and they are fun to paint to boot. I'd probably say the MK 4 was my favourite, he looks good from a couple of angles thanks to his pose which I something I look for.

  3. Good job on that one. Funny as I am just writing a Stone Gauntlet list myself for when my BaC set arrives. I want to run breachers but a lacking of decent shields is hampering me.

    1. I really like the original breacher shields, lots of flat areas for iconography

  4. Hey Rory, thanks for that. I bought the Forgeworld Mk III breacher squads as I love the shape of those shields, the sweep of that lower edge and the wing like bits on the side are just so cool. Ive really enjoyed playing stone gauntlet lists too, really recommend them. I'll put some pics up of my squad at some point. Well done on you're Golden Daemon entry but the way, lovely work...

    1. Alas you are confusing me with someone else. I have never painted anything worth submitting to the Golden Daemon. Neither have I the money to buy from Forge World :P

  5. Ah sorry Rory, sure you're painting is lovely too! And yeah FW is damn pricey, what are you collecting?

    1. I looking to enter into 30K as Imperial Fists, I have a BaC set on the way to me.

      But my blog is 90% about my Thousand Sons.

  6. Send us a link Rory so we can check it out, and congratulations on selecting the Emperor' finest VIIth Legion!