Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Getting my game on


Today I want to share some woe with you: I can't seem to find a game outside of the 4 Dads circle.

My trouble is probably similar to many other peoples' these days. I moved away for uni and then again for work after graduation, and when I finally move back to my home town after 8 years away, I find that all my old gaming buddies have also now moved away for work or they just don't play any more. And much as I love the other Dads, they live a fair distance away from me, so we don't get to meet up as much as we'd like.

A couple of months back I tried looking online for a local gaming group. I found one. It's 5 minutes walk from my house. Win! Or so I thought. I popped along on the allotted evening to find everyone there playing X-Wing. "No one plays 40k anymore" was the response I got to my question. Sure they offered to play Space Hulk with me, and I love Space Hulk, but it's not 40k.

I found another gaming club, it's a drive to get to, so I emailed in advance after being burned on my first endeavour. They don't play 40k either!

I live in Nottingham, home of 40k, I honestly didn't think it would be this hard to find a game. Sure I could go along to my local GW store, or even Warhammer World which is nearby, with my army and hope there's someone who fancies a game, but a) I'm a busy working dad, I could be hanging out for weeks and find that no one wants a game, my hobby time is precious so I can't afford to do that and b) lets be honest, usually people arrange to meet up for a game before hand, so the likelihood of there being a spare person who wants a game could be pretty slim.

I tried getting the guys at work into 40k. But these are grown men who have other hobbies already. If they weren't in to 40k as a kid or at uni, they sure aren't in to 40k now. They do like the food in Bugman's though...

My wife says I should start my own club, and maybe I will, but that's a lot of effort just to get a game!

So, what do I do? What do you guys do when you want a game?

Also, let us know if you have a games club you want to advertise on the site. Maybe we can set up a page of listings or something?

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  1. My latest blog was a battle report of my first game in 15 years. It was at Warhammer World and I flew over from Dublin for a weekend of games with friends.

    1. Awesome, those are the best sort of games! I'll have to give that post a read. If you're ever over again give me a shout

    2. Will do, that'd be fun.

      Oddly enough that is one of the least read and commented posts I have done in months.

    3. Will do, that'd be fun.

      Oddly enough that is one of the least read and commented posts I have done in months.

    4. That's the funny thing about blogs, you never know what posts will appeal! Haha

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  3. Dave, try calling WHW - I best there is a forum people use for pick-up games. Or they might ask around the regulars and fix you up a game, plus you can buy more plastic crack whilst you are there!

  4. Not sure where in Nottingham you are, but I help to run a club in Asfordby, just outside Melton Mowbray.

    Most of the members play 40k, and there's usually 2-3 games going on as a minimum each week.

    Check us out at