Thursday, 1 September 2016

Will it never end? Summer hobby challenge - James

Apparently no, it won't end!
For the 2nd hobby challenge in a row I have failed to finish - Gah!
Unfortunately for my hobby challenge because of the summer holidays (I am a teacher) we have been out and about all over the British Isles for the past 6 or so weeks. If we haven't been away then the Euro Champs, the Tour de France and the Olympics have been on 24/7 in our house as well as loads of time messing around with the kids. With all this going on I have had little hobby time to complete my challenge of 5 Death Company marines for my Flesh Tearers army.
Here is how they look so far:
Every spare moment has been spent on these guys but because of the colour scheme and the sheer amount of detail on these amazing mini's it has just taken ages!
I reckon I have about 8 more hours of painting to get these guys done. To finish I need to:
- Finish the white and details on the left hand marine and wash.
- Highlight all marines
- Finish Helmets and weapons on all marines
- Get and paint a power sword and bolt pistol for the right hand marine
- Finish the jump packs for all marines

Even though I have failed again I am pleased with the progress I have made. I have been putting this project off for ages because I knew it was difficult and the challenge has focused my attention and got me within touching distance of finishing them. Now the plan is to have them out and keep doing little bits during the next hobby challenge so I can get them finished.

All the best



  1. They look great James, and if nothing else you have made significant progress

  2. Not failure, your merely adjusted the time frame for your goal.

  3. Love that Emmet! Must try that line on my boss!