Thursday, 8 September 2016

Shattered Legions update

You may know me as a big fan of the Vlka Fenryka, but recently I wanted to try painting something other than grey. And the Horus Heresy Book 6 has provided the perfect opportunity to do just that in the form of the Shattered Legions army list.

So this mini project combines a couple things:
  • It allows me to paint something new and different but which can be used together with my existing army
  • I'm loving playing the HH Betrayal at Calth box game, so my plan is to paint up a force that is big enough to represent all of the minis required for this game (i.e. 3 veteran tactical squads, a squad of terminators, a dreadnought and 2 HQ's

The Shattered Legions rules say that there must be at least two different legions represented in the force. My plan is to have some loyal Iron Warriors as my main force, backed up by some Imperial Fists. I fell in love with the IVth Legion after reading Angel Exterminatus, and adding some Imperial Fists allows me to add some yellow to the army (something I have never painted before, providing a challenge). I also want to add the odd straggler, so in this squad you'll also find a Salamander, an Iron Hand and a Black Shield (who looks a bit like a Knight Errant, but he won't tell anyone what his background is or why he is there).

So, this is my first squad, each of the minis has his own story (a bit like an extended Kill Team collection), which I'll share in the next update. My next squad after this will be 50% Iron Warriors and 50% Thousand Sons, but with a twist (which will be revealed at a later date).

In the future I may add some transports, but I thought painting up a Betrayal at Calth force was a suitable challenge at the moment. I don't want to rush these, so they will be completed as and when I fancy a change from my Space Wolves.

C&Cs welcome!



  1. Looks good and I like the idea you have running through them. I am doing up BaC as all Imperial Fists myself.

    1. Great stuff. Did you pick Fists because they are your army or because you fancied something different?

    2. My blog to this point has been nearly all about my Thousand Sons. But I am not a fan of the 30K version of them.

      So after a look around I found the Fists and rolled with it.

    3. That's interesting, I much prefer the 30k version of the thousand sons! :-)
      Good to try something different tho

  2. Nice progress Dave, I love the fluff you are creating but thousand sons? With your wolves? Really?
    Rory - great blog and can't wait to see how the fists come out as you make more progress. I'm sure they'll be better than dad Rich's!!!

    1. As a fellow dad I will say I am sure Richs will be lovely. But also I will crush him ;)

  3. Guys guys, it's not a competition, relax....anyway if it was, which it isn't .... I just want to say I'd win James!!!

    Dave - lovely work, my yellow dudes are looking forward to meeting their yellow cousins!!