Monday, 12 September 2016

September Hobby Challenge - Update

This week us Dad's have been making headway in to the September hobby challenge, and thought we'd better provide you an update of our progress
Dad Dave's interpretation of Alexis Polux is coming along nicely, although he isn't sure about the crimson-painted fist on the shield. What do you think?
Dad Steve is putting us all to shame with the progress on his Angron. He's almost done but has promised to drag it out for a few more days... 

Dad James has gone LARGE and is making slow but steady progress on his Baneblade 
Dad Rich has... well, I think this photo speaks for itself... come on Rich, pull your finger out!

How are you doing with your challenge project? Let us know on Twitter


  1. All good stuff there. In particular I like Polux as I plan to do similar when I get one... some year.

    1. I love the model too and this was the perfect opportunity to paint him up :-)

    2. I cannot afford him, so will most likely try convert him from the BaC Chaplin. Gaming Dads have it hard!

    3. I know that you mean mate, spent my limited funds on this guy this month