Thursday, 15 September 2016

I just couldn't resist...

So I know we're right in the middle of our September hobby challenge but after seeing Dad James' Baneblade, I couldn't resist getting my Fellblade back out of the cupboard.

I've wanted one of these ever since seeing a piece of art in Collected Visions. It shows a Fellblade running down some traitor marines (or Loyalist Sons of Horus, who knows these days).

I'll paint it up for my VI legion now that the FW transfers are available. I've been painting so much infantry lately that I really fancy doing some tanks now, and what better start than with this beauty.
I'm really looking forward to painting this, just hope I don't get arm ache like I did with the Storm Raven, this thing weighs and actual metric tonne.
The stuff in the background is stuff I've just put up on eBay. Need to find the money for Leman Russ some how...
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  1. I really look the look of the Sicran but doubt I will ever own one. Sheer cost of them.

    1. Yeah I must admit they look very nice. never sure about the armourmant tho?