Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Quarter final 3 and 4 Draw

"So there are already two Primarch's through to the semi finals. Who will join Magnus and Russ?"

"Well tonight we find out as the draw for the last two quarter finals is about to take place. Left in the pot we have Sanguinius, Mortarion, Alpharius/Omegon and Angron."

"So who will it be and who will be making the draw?"

"Well I can answer that for you, in fact here he is, it's DANTE!!!"

"And this could be some time. Come on grandad get that zimmer cracking!!"

3 hours later.....

"Finally he's reached the table. So who will it be? One old crooked claw reaches to the pot...."

1 hour later....

"And...yes he has the ball in his hand!  Its.....oh hang on he's getting his glasses on..."

Another hour.....

"But who will he face?"

2 hours later....


"Wow what a match up this is going to be!! Beauty and the beast!!"

"This also means that the last quarter-final will be MORTARION v ALPHARIUS/OMEGON."

"So we start with Sanguinius v Angron. Get voting @4dadsapocalypse on Twitter to see who progresses to the semi finals."

1 comment:

  1. Much as I like Sanguinius, lets face it, Angron is gonna whoop him!