Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Death Company Chaplain Progress Update 2

The second stage of my painting ended like this in my first update post here:

At this point the chaplain is red and black so next up is adding some of the other base colours.

Stage 3

All metallic at this stage. I used shining gold (Gehenna's Gold) as the base layer for the metallic gold parts of the model. I HATE painting gold so much. It never spreads properly and I just generally don't like the look hence there is none on any of my models! However I thought I'd give it a go seeing as he's a great model and a character and all. I thinned it right down and painted lots of coats to build it up which tok a while I have to say.
Secondly I used boltgun metal (Leadbelcher) for the metallic silver parts such as the Inferno pistol, jump pack etc.

Stage 4
For the last of the base colours for now I painted the scrolls and skull. For the scrolls I used bleached bone (Ushabti bone). Again I had to thin this right down and paint various layers to get the black undercoat covered properly. Then I looked at the pics of Games Workshop's model and the stamp is purple? I did wonder about this as I really didn't think that purple would go with red and black but I had some random alien purple from army painter and thought I'd give it a go. As you can see it came out rather bright but it will get washed down and highlighted. If it doesn't work I can always paint over it.
Then I painted the skull. Quite simple really just lots of thin layers of skull white (white scar) until I got an even colour. I know I haven't got a pic - sorry I forgot!!

So the model is coming together slowly but surely and it is looking better with each stage. Let me know what you think as I keep going.....

All the best

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    Loving the solid red on him so far, the half and half approach is interesting.

    Hopefully I will get something up on my blog you all might comment on st some stage ;)

  2. James he looks great.
    Seems like you're using a lot of layer paints, have you tried the base paints? They cover black much better. The gold base paint us really good!

  3. Thanks Rory. Appreciate your input!! I have been reading your blog and it is great!
    Dave my paints are old school pre-base & layer so they are slowly getting updated as they run out!

  4. Crack open the retributor gold. It is the first GW gold I've used which covers properly.

    1. Agreed, that stuff is good. Probably the best gold ever