Monday, 28 November 2016

Death Company Chaplain Progress - Update 3

At the end of Stage 4 in my last post (Here) pretty much all of the base colours were on the model:

I always find the base painting bit the most boring as the model always looks rubbish at this stage. It needs the washes and the highlights to really make it all come together and so I always look forward to the next bit...

Stage 5
For this stage I got to work with a wash of Nuln Oil over all of the red, gold and metal parts. I meant to do the purple but forgot at the time! I also washed the scrolls with agrax earthshade. Now I get excited as I can see the details appear - particularly the muscles(?) coming out of the armour.
I thought at this stage however that the red was not deep enough and so I added another wash of Carroburg Crimson to all of the red areas. I love this wash as it properly deepens the red but doesn't shade in the recessed areas. At this stage I also washed the skull and the recesses on the gold armour with Ogryn Flesh (Reikland Fleshshade). This colours the bone and gold ever so slightly rather than being too dark. As you may notice I also bobbed a slight amount of Blood Red into the eye sockets to give them a slight red glow too! The last thing I did here was to highlight the red 'feathers' of the wings. I got my 2 favourite red paints out (mephiston red and red gore) and painted mephiston red first, then put another highlight of red gore on the edges to give it some depth. However it turns out that I got them the wrong way around - Mephiston red looked much darker on the wet palette although it ended up being lighter on the model!!! Still looks ok though so I think i'll leave it.
So there we have stage 5 and we are up to my most hated part of painting - the highlights. Fiddly and time-consuming however they look fantastic when done so onwards and upwards...

Let me know what you think so far,

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  1. Coming on really well there. Really a fair chunk of work going in there.

  2. Nice work James, looking forward to seeing this guy finished