Friday, 4 November 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Q-Final Result - Sanguinius v Angron

"...and Angron is going to town! Those mighty fists are moving like pistons!"

" Wait! Hang on. Sanguinius is on the other side of the arena. It looks like he is just leaning against the wall smoking a very large and expensive cigar!! What is going on?"

" Well I saw it all and mid fight Sanguinius was seen whispering a few sweet nothings into the Big beasts ear. He then backed off and left Angry Angron to it."


"Well we all know that the big man has a little temper. We all know that when he loses it he has no idea what he is doing. Sanguinius obviously just banked on the fact that he could get Angron so angry he would just beat himself up!"

"Oh and there it is! Angron takes himself down!! And the mighty angel stubs out his cigar and wanders off down the tunnel refreshed and ready for the semi-final!"

"Well that was certainly interesting - and sneaky! Fair played but we have no time to waste. As you Deathmatch fans know we have a double bill tonight and with Sanguinius winning that paves the way for the last Quarter-final which is..."

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