Sunday, 6 November 2016

Death Company Chaplain Progress Update 1

After I bought, read and reviewed the Blood Angels supplement 'Angel's Blade' (Angel's Blade review here) I couldn't help myself in getting the Death Company chaplain with jump pack.

I love the model, it's so detailed and has a great pose. Also after reading the story I was inspired to get another leader for my army and put together the Death Company strike force formation. After all the Death Company are, of course, my favourite blood angels unit. After spending a rather too much £20 (Come on GW £15 at most please!) I've set to work over the past couple of days and started painting him so here is my progress...

Stage 1
I sprued the model cleaning up the mound lines and left him in 5 pieces ready to paint. Then I base coated the model Abaddon black.

Stage 2
Here I picked out all of the red areas of the model and painted them Mechrite Red (Mephiston Red in new money). I love the way that on half of the armor there are muscles bursting out!
Next I painted the wings on the jump pack Red Gore (Wazdakka Red for non-dads). I wanted these slightly darker so went for a more purply red.  I also thinned this paint right down to a wash consistency so that the black still showed through. This will hopefully let me paint up to a brighter red on the tips of the wings giving them some depth.

The more I paint this model the more detail I see and the more it impresses me. let me know what you think of my work so far.

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