Monday, 14 November 2016

Leman Russ Update 2

Sorry it's been a bit quiet in my corner of the Dad camp, I've been busily working away on Leman Russ in my spare time. As I've not finished him, I haven't shared anything!

However, here's an update.

Usually I am looking for quick techniques that get my miniatures looking somewhere slightly better than table top standard, but this guy is the pinnacle of my army, and so he needs to be the pinnacle of my painting.

I'm trying all sorts of techniques I've never done before. Two that I'll share now are:

Hair: usually the hair on my minis is brown, black or bleached bone. The Forge World version of Leman Russ has blonde hair, so I thought I'd attempt it. The scheme I used is undercoat white, wash with Agrax Earthshade, wash with Lamenters Yellow. Using yellow on hair is my worst nightmare but I was assured by the Twitter crowd that this is how to do it. And I think it looks ok. I could have made it brighter I guess, but I only did one layer of white, so some of the grey base coat is still showing through.

Armour: usually I go for mechanicum standard grey base, then two dry brushes of successively lighter grey, then Agrax Earthshade wash. That looks good, but I wanted Leman Russ to stand out. The Forge World version has a slightly greenish tint, I wanted to go for a blue tint. So I went for the grey base and two-stage dry brush, then applied a 65:35 mix of Nuln Oil and blue glaze. I think it looks pretty good. It's not as blue as I wanted but I'm happy with it.

For the base I am going for white columns and brown earth to tie Russ in to the rest of my force.

I still have the skin, gold elements and weapons to go. Even the wolf pelts I am trying something different.

Next week I've arranged to meet a guy at Warhammer World for a game, so am also making sure I have the whole of that force painted up. It's a 1250pt Zone Mortalis game, which I'm looking forward to. Should be a good warm up for the game I've got planned with Dad Rich in December. I'll write up a short battle report.

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