Monday, 14 November 2016

Angels Blade - Blood Angels v Chaos Campaign Rules

As you should know I bought the Angels Blade supplement (Angels Blade review) to play a campaign against one of my friends and his chaos forces. As you also should know we were thoroughly disappointed that there was no sign of a campaign system in either Angels Blade or Traitors Hate!!!

As if I haven't got enough things to do I was still excited by the book and decided to write a campaign for the two of us, the dads and anyone else to play!!

I took inspiration, and stole content from, the campaign system in the Badab wars Imperial Armour books which are awesome.
I then wrote a brief background for each phase of the campaign from the Angels Blade book and ended up with four phases to the entire campaign. The winning side from each phase gets some sort of bonus to take into the future.

I also included different points values for different types of games depending on how relevant they are to the story being told in each phase. For instance in phase 1 for a normal game of 40k a win would be 1 point, for a kill team win you gain 2 points and for the special missions stated you gain 3 points. And yes to add some flavour and fun I stole a load of special missions from Angels Blade, The Badab Wars and Battle Missions.

The end result is far from perfect of course but is fun I think and should be good to play through.

At the current time I am dictating that the first phase will run for November and December to give us dads a bit of time to play some games!

So far 4 games have been played. Dad Steve has played 2 standard games of 40k with 1 victory each for Chaos and the Blood Angels while I have managed to sneak in 2 games of Kill Team again with 1 victory each for both Chaos and the Blood Angels.

Phase 1 scores so far:
Chaos 3 points
Blood Angels 3 points

If anyone wishes to play some games and let us know the results by all means post in the comments section to this post and i'll tot the phase 1 scores up. The forces don't necessarily have to be Chaos and Blood Angels either. One of my games included Astra Militarum on the side of the Chaos forces as a militia traitor guard force. You may decide that the Ultramarines have answered the call of help and come to join in, it really doesn't matter just let us know how you aregetting on!

For anyone who is interested the campaign PDF is attached below with a copy of the special missions.

All the best and have fun playing.


Campaign File
Special Missions File – A blog about Warhammer 40k and the Horus Heresy by four Dads

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