Thursday, 17 November 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Quarter-Final Result - Mortarion v Alpharius/Omegon

"This is unbelievable!! Mortarion has been struck down twice by the dynamic duo but has risen from the dead both times!"

"Yes truly epic scenes here in the Deathmatch arena as he drags himself back up after 2 serious beatings."

"The twins appear to be preparing themselves for another onslaught. They're preening in the corner at the moment, making sure that they look their best for the remembrancers."

"The polish is out as they make their armour look nice and shiny..."

"Wait a moment. I don't think they've noticed the big guy....he's right behind Omegon.....Up comes the scythe....."

"And Omegon is completely oblivious....he's got some deodorant - lynx I think..."

"Of course it's Lynx you idiot, these are demigods..."

"I can't believe he's worried about smelling nice in the deathmatch arena..."

"The arm goes up.....the scythe comes down....he sprays.....and Mortarion is down!!!!!"

"Its a full frontal floral scent right in the face!!!!"

"Of course!! It's taken the smelly one down! Why has nobody thought of this before? Anti-perspirant, the only think, apart from odour eaters, that could down the death guard!!"

"And its all over. The Alpha Legion are going crazy while the Death Guard are holding their noses. Alpharius and Omegon have made it to the semi's!"

"So we're down to four Primarchs, down from 18. Who will battle each other in the semi finals?
Stay tuned for the draw coming soon..." – A blog about Warhammer 40k and the Horus Heresy by four Dads

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