Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Next on the painting table...

It's been a bit quiet here in my house for the last couple of weeks in terms of hobby progress. After knocking out Leman Russ over two weeks of evenings I was a bit hobbied out. But, gotta get back on the hobby horse at some point!

So, I thought I'd share what I am painting next: Plasma Gun Tactical Support Squad, 5-man rotor cannon squad and a couple of repair jobs.

In terms of what I have left to paint of my un-painted army:
  • 3x 20-man tactical squads - in various states of paintedness
  • 1x Fellblade - kinda 25% there
  • 1x rhino - kinda 25% there
  • 2x 5-man heavy weapon squads - probably 50% there
  • 1x Spartan - 0% there
  • 1x 20-man assault squad - 0% there
I also have a veteran tactical squad I'm working on and 2 terminator squads to stick together which I just stuck together...

So that's my list for 2017 sorted!! I have plans to turn one of the 20-man tactical squads into a breacher squad and another into an assault squad. Just need to acquire shields and jump packs (any suggestions?).

With no more 'big' Space Wolf releases (other than the Black Book and maybe some characters), I can see me finally getting that lot off the board. There's 9 blocks of work and 12 months in the year...

What are your plans for 2017?

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