Friday, 6 January 2017

Games Workshop - Great Value!!!

I have been browsing the Games Workshop webstore of recent times and have been particularly interested in the pre-order section.

Most people have been very down on Games Workshop in the past with a lot of moaning about prices and poor value for money. Now we all know that they are the best and most detailed model makers in the Imperium but the hobby is expensive. It seems now that times are changing though. A change of management at the top over the last year has seen a change in direction for the company (for the better in my opinion), a change in the company's social relationship with the masses (again for the better in my opinion) and also and very surprisingly in their prices!

My attention in particular peaked upon seeing their Skyhammer tactical insertion force.
'Skyhammer Tactical Insertion Force

3 x tactical squads and 3 drop pods. Buying these separately would cost £142.50. However you can now pick this up on pre-order for just £97.50!!!! Thats a 32% saving which is huge!!

Then I noticed the paint sets:
'Citadel Paints: Blood Angels
This for a tenner!!!
6 paints should cost £15.30 - thats a 35% saving!!

I carried on:
Necron Warrior Ark Phalanx
The Necron Warrior Ark Phalanx is £37.50
It should be £53 - 29% off!

I could just keep going but for one of the first times I feel that I could be getting a bit of a bargain with the boxed or compilation sets being offered by Games Workshop. For me it seems that at the current time it is a great time to be involved in the hobby. There are lots of releases, the boxed sets show a real saving and the company appears to be listening and interacting with its fan base.

If there are any other great bargains out there or you have had great experiences recently with Games workshop games or products please let us know either in the comments, on twitter (@4dadsapocalypse) or on facebook.

All the best for now and happy new year spending,

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  1. It has been pointed out that the paint pots are not so great a deal as they are only a quarter of the normal size. Totally didn't notice this as I was obviously too excited about the potential bargains.

  2. Still they are starting to come around.

  3. Just watch, they'll be having a new year sale soon!

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