Friday, 13 January 2017

Twitter Primarch Death Match Semi-Finals Draw

"Hi there fight fans, it has certainly been a while since there has been any action in the Deathmatch arena. However I am pleased to say that the Arena has been cleaned of blood and body parts and the remaining Primarchs have managed to heal themselves ready for the biggest fights of their lives."

"Yes the four Primarchs remaining are:



"Because of the importance of this draw the only fair way is of course to roll a dice and so for the first roll 1 will be Magnus, 2 will be Sanguinius, 3 will be Leman Russ and 4 will be Alpharius/Omegon."
"It's a 1! So Magnus will be the first contender in the first semi-final!!!"

"But who will he face?....For the next roll 1-2 will be Sanguinius, 3-4 will be Leman Russ and 5-6 will be Alpharius/Omegon"
"Its a 2!!!! So the first semi final will be Magnus v Sanguinius"

"And the second semi final will be Leman Russ v Alpharius/Omegon"

"Make sure to get on Twitter @4dadsapocalypse and vote!!"

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  1. I really am surprised at who got through this far.

    1. Really? I am not surprised the first three are through as all are popular but Alpharius is a mystery to me. Don't see a lot of fandom about him anywhere like the amount of the other 3 Primarch's left.