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"Guns. We need more guns." Blood Angels v Nurgle the rematch - preview

About a month ago I received a proper thrashing from my friend Mike and his Nurgle traitors who proved far too durable for my Blood Angels assault force (see the comments on the battle here).

I made a couple of mistakes in the battle but ultimately the extra bonuses given by papa Nurgle for using a specific formation was too much for my assault force. Extra cover saves, feel no pain, zombie regeneration and, the one that most hurt, reducing my WS, S & T by 1 meant that my - not amazing I will admit - assault focused force just could not get the job done. During this battle I also said that the Nurgle army was not great in combat. Mike has never let me forget this as all of his army demolished me in combat!!! - Gah!

However, crawling from the field, covered in blood the Death Company Chaplain vowed to exact revenge upon the foe and take the head of Typhus. In the last month he has been amassing a new force to crush the traitors once and for all.
"Guns. We need more guns." Blood Angels v Nurgle the rematch - preview

This time I thought I might try out my 'Emperors Feth' Astra Militarum army against the zombie hordes and see if bullets work better than blades. The Death Company Chaplain would be leading them with 9 of his Death Company brethren of course.

In the interest of a good game...
My Astra Militarum army is purely designed to kill marines so after speaking with Mike we decided to limit the points to 1500 (my army peaks at 1850) and, as his army only has a sprinkling of meltaguns and no long range weaponry, I have mainly taken infantry although there are still 4 tanks in the list as it wouldn't be the Emperors Feth without some armour!
"Guns. We need more guns." Blood Angels v Nurgle the rematch - preview

From my original all Astra Militarum list I have dropped my beloved manticore, 2 vendettas, 1 chimera and veterans with meltaguns in another chimera to get down to 1500 and make space to include the Death Company and Chaplain. Here is the full list:

Death Company Chaplain
Death Company (9) - PFist, PSword, PAxe.

Aegis Defence Line
Company Command Squad - Lascannon
Platoon Command Squad - 4 flamers, Chimera
2 Troop Squads - 2 Lascannons, Commissar
Heavy Weapons Team - 3 Autocannons
Heavy Weapons Team - 3 Missile Launchers
Veterans Squad - 3 Plasmaguns, Chimera
Leman Russ Executioner - Plasmacannon Sponsons
Leman Russ Punisher - Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Hide behind the defence line and shoot! No seriously, the idea for me will be to overload one side with infantry and the heavy weapons I have to make sure I have good lanes of fire. I can use my company commander on 2 units to order ignores cover hopefully to take out a few plague marines while the tanks and chimeras hit the flanks to squeeze the line of zombies and marines into the centre of the board.
Image result for war plans
Target priority is the key for me as I need to focus on using the lighter weaponry (autocannons and punisher to hammer the weaker targets) while the lascannons, missile launchers and executioner take out the marines behind. The trick will be to minimise the cover saves that Mike will be getting.

Hopefully i'll be able to hurt them enough before they get into my lines and smash me as they are awesome in close combat (Hope that is ok Mike!).

Anyway wish me luck and I'll get back to you with a proper report...

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