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Throne of Skulls Doubles Tournament Feb 2018 - Part 6 - The Miniatures Exhibition Hall

Although not strictly a part of the tournament, if you are at Warhammer World it is a given that you should ALWAYS visit the exhibition hall. And anyway with the tournament entry you gain free entry to the hall so there really is no excuse and, believe me, it is well worth it.

I figured that for those who have never been it is always worth it to see some pictures even if they do absolutely no justice to the displays in the hall. There are hundreds of displays of different models but I always prefer to see the displays of models mid-battle. The makers of these types of display are not only skilled painters but the imagination and creative modelling skills are quite something to behold.

Unfortunately Rich and I could only grab a half hour in the hall and didn't even scratch the surface of the experience. I think that you could spend 3-4 hours in there many times over and never get bored and keep seeing new things. It really is that amazing.

Anyway enough of blowing smoke up backsides have a look at some of the pictures of my favourite dioramas I found in the hall...

An Ork Siege against a castle in Age of Sigmar

Just an incredibly modeled battlefield!

This forest was amazing! (1)

Some great poses and individual battles (2)

Counter Attack!! (1)

So much going on on top and below in this display (2) 
Simple, clean but atmospheric on Prospero

Tanks on the dropsite massacre (1)

Incoming into the dropsite massacre (2)

Above it all on the rock - Ferrus v Fulgrim (3)
 If you look carefully on the dropsite massacre you will also see guards standing all around the base of the rock where Ferrus and Fulgrim are fighting. These guards are making sure the Primarchs can settle their score undisturbed. A really nice touch!

Flyers incoming! (1)

That Thunderhawk is spectacular! (2)

Space Wolves v Tyranids (1)

Space Wolves v Tyranids (2)

Space Wolves v Tyranids (3)

Space Wolves v Tyranids (4)

Space Wolves v Tyranids (5)
 I think that the Space Wolves v Tyranids display is my favourite. There is just so much to see in this battle. The display is built on so many different levels and there are individual events happening all over the battlefield. Also the way in which the Tyranids would move and attack is really captured well.
My highlights are:
- Explosions going off in Tyranid packs with bits of creatures flying all over the place.
- The Tyranids swarming up onto a land speeder.
- Genestealers sneaking in through a pipe and appearing at the back of the display behind the Space Wolves.
- The Genestealers swimming in the moat and swarming up the rock face as the Wolves charge the threat.
- Tyranids falling from the cliffs
- The battle on the bridge with a casualty being carried away and two dreads spearheading the defence of the bridge.
- A Mawloc exploding up from the ground behind the lines and the Wolves charging the threat.

The Astra Militarum on parade!

The battle for Angelus Prime (1)



 There really is no point in talking about "The Battle For Angelus Prime". It really is breathtaking and has to be seen in the flesh. You can walk all around it and literally could spend hours in just this room. The lights change colours constantly to add to the atmosphere and there is just so much happening. If I was forced to pick a favourite bit on the display it would have to be the drop pod coming down and hitting a Titan (3)!!!

Lava world - Tyranids v Eldar

Black Hawk Down (1)

Black Hawk Down (2)
 My 2nd favourite display was easily the Black Hawk Down diorama. A crashed Valkyrie in an Ork encampment was just epic! The Orks swarming in for their prey, the survivors shooting the approaching Orks, Flyer support coming in for the downed pilots and a convoy of Tauroxes hammering in at top speed guns blazing for the suicide rescue mission - Amazing stuff!!

Dad Dave's armies on Parade board
Of course I couldn't not show Dad Dave's Armies on Parade board that is on display in the exhibition hall too! What a great achievement to get your models in there Dave - Well Done!! Its an amazing board too an all dread Wolves army - The elite of the elite!!

Let us know if you have been to the exhibition hall and what favourites you have in there.

All the best
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  1. Very cool read dude and some lovely pics, I had my first visit to Warhammer World a couple of months back and it blew my mind, so inspiring and really gets you fired up for throwing yourself into your own hobby stuff ! I saw Dave's armies on parade board in person and was amazed, so much character and detail, it looks ace :)

  2. Thanks Carl. The place is amazing and never gets dull even when you've been a few times. Just makes you wish you had more money and time after a visit there though!! Glad you made it, I can't wait to go back again.

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    1. Really sorry Ray I cannot find any reason why you are getting any more than 1 email re. a notification. Which post was your first comment on? I can try deleting all your comments and see if that works?