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TT Combat Large Crates for Necromunda - Review Part 1

As you may know Steve and I (James) have been trying to get into Necromunda recently. We both love the game but have struggled over the last few months to get to together to play it. Steve has bought the box set and I have bought an Orlock gang and have nearly finished painting them up.

Orlocks 1

Orlocks 2
Anyway we are currently learning the rules bit by bit and are playing through the missions in the Underhive rulebook. We last played 'The Trap' which is the 2nd mission of the 6 and are planning on getting together more often to play through the next 4 and then progress onto 3D terrain and play a campaign.

Ahead of playing on 3D terrain I have started thinking about get some proper Necromunda style terrain ready to play on. After looking around and realising everything is so damn expensive I stumbled on TTCombat.

I do want to note now that I am NOT affiliated to TT Combat in any way and they won't even know that I am writing this review!!

The Website and initial impressions

Looking at the website the first thing that strikes me is that its very clear and easy to use. The pieces are 3mm MDF that is lasercut and is very reasonable in price. Now I am not a massive fan of lasercut wood as terrain because of the lack of detail (basically i'm too used to GW terrain!) but some of these pieces look perfect for Necromunda style scenery. There are also a number of styles to choose from too depending on what look you particularly like. Also have I said that the prices are super reasonable!! I admit that I am not keen on some of the pieces but it's all about personal taste.


To test the products I originally ordered just 2 small pieces that would fit on a Necromunda board - A set of large crates and a set of barrels. I started small to see what the quality was like and these two pieces only cost £9 total. No postage was charged with the standard option which was a 3 - 5 day delivery and the pieces were delivered securely and easily within the time.

Packaging and initial build

The pieces arrived flat packed and in plastic wallets. There were no instructions included but these are all in PDF format in the resources section of the website.

The package
All of the pieces are detailed to some extent and come in two different sheets - 1 x 3mm standard MDF and 1 x 1mm grey board. Really you could use them as soon as they are put together however I will paint them to my own tastes to suit my board and style - more of that to come.

1 x 1mm & 1 x 3mm

The 2 sheets
The pieces all pop out of the sheet with no problems or damage. Each piece is joined to the sheet in 2 places which both leave a little sprue mark that needs to be cleaned up. I used a mixture of nail scissors, a craft knife and a nail file to sort these out. I have to say that the 3mm boards cleaned up really easily but the 1 mm board was harder as it was quite flexible. In fact some of the end tabs broke off on the cleanup. This proved no problem though as they stuck onto the 3mm model with PVA so well you couldn't tell anyway.

Attachment points on the corners of wooden pieces

Some of the tabs snap off on the 1mm pieces
The pieces all fitted together to form the crate perfectly with no overhanging edges or difficulty in fitting at all and PVA glue worked great to stick them together and they were pretty solid once dry.

So this is what they look like currently....

The large crate put together

Both crates now built

And a Mini for size comparison
Really you could play with these at this point quite happily. The grey board glues on to the outside of the crates to give it more of a sci-fi look. Here's a quick sneak peek of one side placed on the crates:

Crates with the grey board placed on

End of part 1 progress

I'll post part 2 with the grey board on properly and start thinking about the painting process. At the moment though I really like the terrain piece - it's well priced, easy to put together, looks good and is solid when put together so should last quite a while, even if it does get thrown around my terrain box.

Any questions or comments please let me know and I'll see you in part 2

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