Saturday, 12 January 2019

A short review of the dads in 2018 and planning ahead for 2019

It has been a bit of a quiet year for the four dads and Warhammer 40k. We have all been pretty busy working abroad, having more children and generally working hard to pay the bills!!

Some of us achieved more than others in 2018:

- Dave was definitely the most prolific painter entering armies on parade, painting dreadnoughts left, right and centre, painting a ghostly Ferrus Manus and his Legion of the Damned and definitiely not forgetting his Golden Demon entries - and Trophy!!! Well done Dave!!#

The ghost of Ferrus

Ferrus' Legion of the damned

Dave's Golden Demon Trophy

- Steve was the player of the year as he managed far more games than any of the other dads - mainly at school where he runs the Warhammer Club and against his brother.

- Rich and James were the tournament players of the year managing to get themselves a full army painted and ready for the Warhammer 40k Doubles tournament way back in February where they placed 5th and were nominated for best painted army. There is a link to one of the tournament posts HERE.

For me (James), I had a great finish to 2018 hobby wise - I broke my ankle and so had lots of time at home off work - where I managed to start and finish a hellhound and tidy up lots of bits of painting lying around it has been a barren period for Warhammer and me!!

However this has given me plenty of time to consider what I want to be doing this year in the hobby.

Here is a list of what the dads hope to be doing in the hobby in 2019:


- Finally finish my Blood Angels Death Company! These guys have been hanging around for about 2 years!
- Build and paint two more Hellhounds
- Build and paint another Taurox Prime
- Build and paint a couple of squads of Bullgryns
- Build and paint some more Imperial Guardsmen
- Build and paint some Necromunda terrain
- Play more Necromunda
- Enter a 40k Tournament

Not sure that all this is possible but hey you never know right?!!

- This is Dave's top secret list of things to do this year.....shhhh!

The Masterplan


- Enter a 40k tournament
- Paint an entirely new army for the above tournament!

Not sure how Rich will do this as he spends about half of the year in other countries!!


Has twins and so his family tends to take priority. Therefore Steve's goal is to try to play more games this year. Particularly Necromunda with James as both dads would like to get a campaign going between their gangs.

So there we have it. As you can see it is difficult for us all to make enough time for the things that we love but none of us are complaining too much as we all realise that we are all very lucky in our lives. Definitely one of our goals is to post more on this blog this year although we need to make some painting or gaming progress to do that so here's to a productive 2019!

If anyone has any goals that they would like to share please do. We all love hearing about what everyone is up to - it definitely motivates me that's for sure!!

All the best and Happy New Year!

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