Sunday, 5 June 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 5 Result - Alpharius/Omegon v Lorgar

"...Omegon climbs to the top rope, Alpharius sat like royalty on his shoulders. Balancing on the corner post the duo raise their fists in the air facing the baying, delirious crowd."

"Legion! Legion!" the crowd chant in adoration.

"This is it comes, the Alphadown! The duo slowly tip backwards from the post, elbows are out. No-one has survived this most famous of finishing moves before. Lorgar is immobile , its going to be messy.......oooooooh that has to hurt. The twins pick themselves up from the wrecked corpse of the Word Bearers Primarch and slowly, holding arms aloft, exit the arena."

"Well Deathmatch fans the Alpha Legion leaders are through to the quarter finals and its hard to see how any Primarch can beat a tag team."

"While the studio calms down here, we are going for a break only to be back soon for the next Deathmatch draw - Stay tuned"

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