Sunday, 5 June 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 6 - Lion El'Jonson v Konrad Curze

"Hi Deathmatch fans, we're back 'CLUMP' and what a 'CLUMP' match it was with 'CLUMP' the twins 'CLUMP' what is that noise? 'CLUMP'"

"Oh of course, and welcoming our special guest to draw the Primarch balls out of the ball is......NORK DEDDOG!!"
"Hi Nork, its a pleasure to have you here. Now if you'll do the honours sir...."
"His giant banana hands are heading towards the bowl now and you can cut the tension with a knife...."
"That's it one hand in and my those fingers are huge! Yes they've closed around 2 of the balls but wait he can't get his hands back out of the bowl!"
"Now then Nork, calm down, no put the bowl back on the table (ducks). Stop spinning around! Mind the camera! Nork you're going to break the bowl hammering the wall like that....(SMASH)..."
"Oh well at least you are still holding the 2 balls you picked now how about letting me open them...."
"And who do we have? The first Primarch for Week 6 is.....Lion El'Jonson!!!!"
"His second appearance in the Deathmatches after trouncing Corvus Corax in the Qualifying round. Now who will be his opponent?"
It's......Konrad Curze!!!
"The blood bank is up in this real beauty versus the beast match. Can the Lion take down another shadowy, sneaky character or will the Night Haunter give Jonson the heebie jeebies?"

"There is only one way to settle this and that is to get voting for your favourite in the Twitter Primarch Deathmatch on @4dadsapocalypse now!!

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