Friday, 12 August 2016

The Primarchs are returning to 40K

So, the Primarches are returning to 40k for the End Times? That’s what the rumours are saying.

Personally I think that’s great. These mythical creatures which obviously pull the crowds and take Space Marines from good to frigging awesome… I don’t know why GW haven’t released them before now? Surely the best stories are going to come when the End Times come?

But wait, they can’t all return can they? Let’s take a look and who might be making an appearance, starting with the obvious non-combatants:

Sanguinius – he’s dead, right? That means the most beautiful of the Primarchs can’t come and play in 40k. There’s no way that most iconic of scenes can be retconned so that he Lord of Angles can live to fight another day. Unless he comes back as an angry daemon of khorne, his death and subsequent mass outpouring of grief serving to transcend him to Daemonhood, just as Lorgar originally intended…

Ferrus – he’s dead, right… wait there, I already said that. I was just reading War Without End and in there is the short story ‘Imperfect’ about Fulgrim forcing Fabius to continuously make clones of Ferrus so that Fulgrim could ask him for forgiveness. Maybe one of these clones is ‘Imperfect’ after all?

Horus – he’s dead, right? As with Sanguinius, the Warmaster met his end on the Vengeful Spirit. BUT, as above, in the story ‘Imperfect’ we see Fabius with a clone of what could be seen to be Horus. Maybe the Warmaster comes back?

Russ, Dorn, The Kharn and Corax are all on sabbatical, maybe their visas run out and they are forced to return to the Imperium?

Vulcan and Guilliman are in stasis, but we know Vulcan is a ‘perpetual’ and Guilliman is healing, so obviously as news of their brothers’ return from their sabbatical these guys wake up so as not to miss the welcome home party… 

Alpharius and Omegon – one of them is dead, or is he? Or is there actually 3 of them? Who knows, but we’re sure to find out. While we’re at it we might find out if they are loyal or not. Does this also mean that the Cabal will show themselves?

Magnus has gone mental but he was never actually a traitor… Whose side will he be on?

Same as Perturabo and Mortarian. They just didn’t want to be part of the Imperium but seeing the alternative maybe they switch sides again?

Fulgrim is well and truly turned so he’ll definitely be on the dark side. But we haven’t seen him for a while, so who knows if he’ll even show? Too busy looking in the mirror and listening to 80’s death metal for a night out…

Lorgar is alive I think? 

Cruze isn’t…

The Lion wakes up from the Rock, forgives Luther and the two ride forth at the head of a vast legion of Dark Angels.

Other questions that I want to ask are:

What happens to the Chapters? If Guilliman wakes up does he just reform the Ultramarines and take control of the 6000 successor chapters? 

Is there actually any scope for legions that we thought were traitor to actually be loyal, and visa versa? Such as the Alpha Legion and the Dark Angels?

Do the Primarchs strike down the religious order surrounding the Emperor? Or do they use it as a weapon?

Do the Primarchs automatically take control of the Imperium? Being the rightful heirs?

Exciting times ahead, what are your thoughts and feelings on the matter?



  1. Vulcan in stasis? I thought he was missing? Have I missed something somewhere?

    1. There was about of Necron fluff about a giant in green armour being entombed... Everyone thought it was Vulcan

    2. Ah yes I do remember that now and as the newer fluff has the necrons accessing the Web way it does make some sense.

    3. Ah yes I do remember that now and as the newer fluff has the necrons accessing the Web way it does make some sense.

  2. I think this is great. I wrote a piece a couple of months back about how I felt the story in 40k needed to move on and now it is! I would note that the community was really split and I got some strong reactions against the idea too.

    Looking at your Primarch assessment I think this is a great opportunity to retcon the Vulkan situation and find a way for him to be a little more accessible for the future.

    I'm all for it, let's move the story on ...

  3. Also, as an Imperial Fist player I am glad to see your optimism about Dorn!