Thursday, 11 August 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Quarter Final 2 - Horus Lupercal v Leman Russ

"The first of the quarter finals has certainly set the bar high after that epic encounter between the Lion and Magnus."

"Yes and it should only get better with 6 heavyweight contenders left in the draw."

"The second draw is fast approaching and it could be between Sanguinius, Alpharius/Omegon, Mortarion, Leman Russ, Angron or Horus."

"Firstly we have to introduce our guest for the draw this evening and we are delighted to have Lileth Hesperax with us"


"Please put your tongue back in or she'll surely have it off! Yes she's only wearing a bikini - not even shoes!!! But Lileth is a top order bad ass!"

"Sorry about that, very unprofessional of me there. Now let me concentrate. Ah yes here she is approaching the draw table and incredible! Showing her lethality, a deft flick of her hair see's the hidden barbs woven into it spear a draw ball and flick it out of the pot onto the table!"

"She opens it up with those knives of hers and reveals.....Horus Lupercal!"

"The Warmaster himself is back in the arena after an easy victory last time. But who will face him?"

"The hair flicks and the knives work once more but who is it going to be?"

"It's Leman Russ! It will be wolf on wolf for this fight and let's hope the great wolf can control his bladder this time."

"What a great match in store for us this time. There is only one way to work out the winner - get to @4dadsapocalypse on twitter and vote for your favourite fight fans!"

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