Thursday, 11 August 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Magnus v Lion El'Jonson Result

"This is incredible! It looks like a double KO. Both Primarch's are on the floor, Magnus has barely a cheekbone left after that right hook but just got a witchfire strike off into the chest of the Lion before the lights went out."
"Yes the warp charge is still dancing across the probe form of Jonson as we speak."
"Wait. There's movement. Both Primarch's are on the move. They're both fighting off the darkness. Who will get up first? Surely the victor will be the first one to rise and strike again?"
"The Lion has made it to his knees, the warp energy is still making him shudder."
"Magnus is struggling - wait what is this? The Lion's sword is rising. This is incredible. Magnus has a broken body but his mind is back and seeking retribution."
"The Lion is still on his knees. The sword is above him.......oooooohhh, that has to smart. Those golden locks are no more attached to his body and Magnus is triumphant in what has been an amazing fight!"
"Yes Magnus is the first through to the semi finals so well done to him and stay with us death match fans for the next quarter final draw..."

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