Thursday, 29 September 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch result - Horus Lupercal v Leman Russ

"Mmmm donuts. Thank you Mr dinosaur and I love your purple spots....uh.....what?.....who?....oh sorry Deathmatch fans I appear to have dozed off! Have they finished circling each other yet? Oh and here's some action....yes Leman Russ has finally twigged that his pack isn't going to turn up because they're on their own in the arena and he's finally going on the offensive!"

"Horus is looking around for some help, but there isn't any. Has no one told him the rules?!"

"In goes Russ and wait, what is that he's doing? He's fishing something shiny and metallic out of his armour. He's stuffing it in his bolt pistol. It can't be! It is! He takes aim. Horus has realised what is going on and has started running!"

"Well now we see the true colours of the Warmaster. The shot rings out. Horus goes down.....and stays down. That was a great shot, right in the small of the back. Horus can't move and up comes Russ....He aims again this time for the heart. Ouch! That has to hurt."

"That's it folks. All it takes is 2 silver bullets and the big wolf is down."

"Well done Leman. Boring but well done!!!"

"OK Deathmatch fans, stay tuned for the draw for the last two quarter finals coming up soon."

1 comment:

  1. We all know that's not how Russ would do it!
    Looking forward to re-living this death match when Russ gets released next month.